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Santa Cruz Art League

The Santa Cruz Art League is an art gallery, theater, classroom, and gift shop. The gallery exhibits are free to the public. The Santa Cruz Art League encourages and supports a wide range of visual and performing artists, professional and recreational alike, in a welcoming environment which celebrates the arts and makes them accessible to the community.

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Coming up in our Gallery

"Benjawah" - by Pawn Pougjinda - (from High School 2016)
"The Noodle Family Circus" - by Mariah Heart - (from High School 2016)
A shot of our Gallery set up for the 61st Annual High School Show (2016)

62nd Annual High School Show

Since 1955 the Santa Cruz Art League’s High School Show has been providing one of the only professional gallery exhibitions for high school age artists in our county. Students from local public, private, charter, home and at -risk schools are invited to benefit from the Art League’s state-of-the-art space and give the audience a preview of the next generation of local artists.

  • Exhibition: April 28, Friday to May 21, Sunday - 2017
  • Reception: May 6, Saturday   3:00pm – 5:00pm
Please Note: Our High School students need your support to help make this show possible. Consider donating using the link below.

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Special Event in the Classroom

"Brush N' Bottle" art and wine party

Come create an original masterpiece at the Santa Cruz Art League! This 2.5 hour, follow-along, acrylic painting course is open to artists of any skill level. No previous experience necessary.

A ticket will provide each student with a glass of wine, as well as all the materials necessary to walk away with a work of their own creation. Relax with a drink in a stress-free learning environment while gaining the basic painting skills that will inspire you to continue practicing.

  • Level: All
  • Offered: Wednesday, April 26th
  • Time: 6:30pm - 9pm
  • Class Fee: $35
  • Instructor: SCAL Board member and artist, Whitney Humphreys
  • Additional Instructions: Call 831-426-5787 or use the link below to sign up. The class is limited to 14 students so sign up today!
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More in the Gallery

87th Annual Statewide California Landscape Exhibition

For almost nine decades, the Santa Cruz Art League’s Statewide Landscape Exhibition has showcased the work of artists across the Golden State who depict California’s foothills, mountains, seashores, and deserts of the interior and coastal regions.

  • Exhibition: August 11, Friday, to September 10, Sunday - 2017
  • Reception: August 19, Saturday   3:00pm – 5:00pm

Above artwork "Bellagio" by juror Frank Galuska

"Views of the Cruz" - Member Exhibition M-Z

From time immemorial artists have depicted the places where they live, work, and play. With its vast natural beauty and creative life, Santa Cruz has inspired generations of artists. Santa Cruz Art League Members are invited to submit works in various media to share their own Views of the Cruz.

  • Exhibition: June 2, Friday to June 25, Sunday - 2017
  • Reception: June 2, Friday   6:00pm – 8:00pm (First Friday)
  • Drop off: May 28, Sunday, 12-4pm, CLOSED May 29, Monday & May 30, Tuesday, 2-4pm
Artists: More information, including downloadable entry forms, can be found at our Exhibition Schedule and Entry Info page.

Above artwork: collage by T.Mike Walker

Performances at the Broadway Playhouse

Hidden Legacy

In partnership with the Japanese Cultural Fair, the Art League will be hosting a documentary film and performance by Shirley Muramota-Wong. Shirley’s film, Hidden Legacy, depicts the experiences that Japanese cultural artists endured during the War Relocation Authority of 1942. In addition to her stunning filmmaking skills, Shirley Muramota-Wong is a koto master and will gracing the audience with a performance utilizing this six-foot stringed instrument that was first introduced in the seventh century.

  • Date and Time: Sunday, May 7th, 3-5pm
  • Location: The Broadway Playhouse (located inside the SCAL building)
  • Fee: $20 non-members, $15 members
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Spending the End of the World on OkCupid

Jeffrey Lo is a Filipino-American playwright and director based in the Bay Area. In “ Spending the End of the World on OkCupid”, a modern-day prophet predicts the disappearance of half the world’s population. With twelve hours to live, some spend time with their friends, most spend time with their family, others spend the end of the world on OkCupid.

  • Date and Time: Friday, May 21st, 5-7pm
  • Location: The Broadway Playhouse (located inside the SCAL building)
  • Fee: $20 non-members, $15 members
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Aza’s Fattah Abbou & Mohamed Aoualou

AZA unites traditional Tamazight (Berber) music, indigenous to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, with the global influences of its diverse members. Founding members Fattah Abbou and Mohamed Aoualou, Berbers native to the High Atlas mountain region of Morocco where they played and studied music for over twenty-five years, will be performing music evocative of Saharan-African blues, yet with an original style that truly defies categorization.

Preview Aza’s music here:

  • Date and Time: Sunday, June 18th, 5-7pm
  • Location: The Broadway Playhouse (located inside the SCAL building)
  • Fee: $20 non-members, $15 members
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In the Classroom

2nd Thursday Drop-in Drawing and Painting

Similar to our popular Monday Night Drop-in Drawing class except with longer poses and attendees may choose to either draw or paint. Live nude or draped model. Facilitated by Open Studio Artist Richard Bennett.

  • Levels: Previous drawing or painting experience required. No instruction provided.
  • Date and Time: 2nd Thursday of each month, 7:00 - 10:00pm
  • Location: in the SCAL classroom
  • Fee: $16 non-members, $14 members, $10 students
  • Facilitator: Richard Bennett
More information about this and other classes can be found at our Art Classes page.